District Calendar Planning

District Calendar Survey

The District will be asking parents and school-site employees to complete a survey regarding school calendar options.

You should have received a Blackboard Connect Phone message asking you to do one of three things:

  1. Complete a Blackboard Connect Phone Survey
  2. Fill out an Online Survey  or
  3. Decide not to participate in the survey
    1. If you chose Option 1 then you may have already taken the survey over the phone.
    2. If you chose Option 2 then between Nov. 18th through Dec. 6th you will be able to go online and take a survey.

The Survey Questions that you will be asked are linked below along with information that gives an explanation about the survey questions, and the five different calendar scenarios that the Board will consider in January.

Your input will help the Board with their decision.

Take the Online Survey here:

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